Magic truffles

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With this magic truffle you will feel like you are on a tropical holiday! Recommended for first t..
€ 17.50
Also know as "Philosophers Stone", wich totally fits the description: it supplies you a true jour..
€ 17.50
This powerful truffle is recommended for (and by) more experienced "travellers". It takes you on ..
€ 17.50
Space Shuttles
Perfect for entering the wonderful space of magic truffles for the first time. Energetic, funny, ..
€ 17.50
Dolphins Delight
This wonderful truffle will make you feel like you are in Alice's Wonderland and Disneyworld at t..
€ 17.50
Golden Teacher
These truffle's effects are similar to the Dolphins Delight, but the speciality of this one is it..
€ 17.50
Dragon's Dynamite
This extremely powerful truffle supplies a strong, visual, full-on trip. All senses are sharpened..
€ 20.00
Purple Rain
Very funny, powerful visual hallucinations with caleidoscophic colors with lots of purple and "li..
€ 20.00
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Royal Beluga
Astonishing strong long lasting visuals combined with an intense peaceful innerjoy makes this uni..
€ 20.00
Mothers Finest
The strongest amongst all truffles! This truffle needs approximately 1 year of cultivation before..
€ 22.50

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